Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Take Time To Enjoy A Laidback Lunch Cruise in Sydney

The world seems to be moving faster! Twenty-four hours in a day simply isn’t enough anymore for a regular person who wants to make time for essential and non-essential activities alike. As a result, some absolutely essential activities get side-lined, to accommodate tempting non-essential activities that might be pleasurable in the short-term. Well, let me get to the point, before I continue to ramble.


As our lives get busier, the two things we tend to cut back on to save time are eating and sleeping. For many, skipping a meal or a cutting back on sleep time actually translates into saving time. Those precious extra hours are probably used to get that edge on the work front or catch up with what’s happening on social media. They forget the fact that eating and sleeping are two essential activities, required for the proper functioning of the body. Trying to make time by skipping these essentials will definitely have long-term repercussions on their health.

Most of the time, people have inadequate quantities of food, and later complain of tiredness and exhaustion at the end of the day. It’s like trying to drive a car for 50 miles, after putting in fuel for only 40 miles! Another new mantra is to starve the body to fitness; eating less is now the way to go to become slim and fit. Actually taking the time out to enjoy lunch, to taste the food and appreciate the flavours has long become a thing of the past.

Restaurants have also caught up with the fad, and are now serving measly portions with fancy sauces drizzled on them. They have honed the cunning art of charging more for less, by using exotic names and ingredients in the dish description. Lunches are usually a popular meal to skip, especially on working days. You can’t blame people as they barely get an hour off for lunch, before they have to be back at their stations and behind the screens.

But it’s definitely time to make a change! Carry a sandwich, salad or fruits to work, and at least once a week, indulge in a hearty lunch at a restaurant close to your workplace. Sydney is a multi-cultural melting pot as far as cuisine is concerned, and you’re sure to find interesting options to try out.

If you work around Darling Harbour or Circular Quay, you should use your lunch break to get out and enjoy the bustling atmosphere. Maybe even take an extended lunch break and indulge in one of those leisurely Sydney Harbour lunch cruises. They offer delightful buffets with a good selection of dishes. There are multiple selections of hot and cold dishes, salads and desserts. And the best part – it’s an all-you-can eat buffet, so definitely no measly portions!

The lunch cruises on the Sydney Harbour offer more than just great food, but great harbour views as well, as you dine at individual tables, like in a restaurant. An experience like this will actually rejuvenate you and make you more productive, once you’re back at work. These Sydney Harbour lunch cruises can take you away from reality for about 2 to 4 hours; so make your choice depending on the time you’re willing to spare.

Allow yourself an easy-going casual lunch once in a while, the benefits will go a long way in making you a healthier and happier person!

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Catching up over a Lunch Cruise on Sydney Harbour

What do you do when a college friend that you haven’t seen in ten years, visits your city for the first time, but will be around for only five hours?

Well, as a doctor in the ER, I have done some otherworldly stuff in five hours that many people will thank me for, but this is an all new playing field! Definitely not on the same scale as what I do at the hospital, but showing people what your beautiful city is all about in just five hours is a tough feat, especially when the city in question is Sydney! With a rich wealth of sightseeing attractions, you just can’t pick and choose, as each one makes a tough case for itself. You also have to factor in the time to catch up over lunch as well.

A friend suggested a scenic flight over the city as nothing beats a bird’s eye view from the top. You get to see all the sights of Sydney and the harbour complete with cruise vessels going about their lunch or sightseeing duties. Mulling over the option for a while, I decided to drop it for two reasons; first being the helipad is a little away from the city and second is the fact that finding a good place to eat & catch up nearby is difficult. Also what if she hates heights? That will definitely spoil the whole experience.

Turning to the internet made things worse, as it pointed out new attractions that hadn’t even crossed my mind! Sifting through the mass of search results, one link for a lunch cruise on Sydney Harbour caught my eye, and it turned out to be a positive lead. This Sydney Harbour lunch cruise takes you on a 3-hour cruise around the harbour, giving you the opportunity to see Sydney’s iconic sights and ample time to enjoy a freshly prepared buffet lunch as well.

The timings were also ideal with the cruise leaving the harbour at 12pm and returning by 3pm, all in good time for her flight in the evening. With airport trains available from Circular Quay, she could definitely make it to the airport well in time. There were no hassles in booking the tickets online and I was really looking forward to having a great experience on this Sydney Harbour lunch cruise.

Things turned out to be exactly the way it was described on the website and we really had a splendid time on board the luxury catamaran. I’ve been in Sydney for about five years and I sheepishly admit that this was my first harbour lunch cruise experience!

Punctuality was maintained to the dot with the boat leaving at 12 and docking back at 3. Despite being on a boat with other passengers, we still had our privacy and space and were well looked after by the wait-staff. The buffet lunch had quite an extravagant, something to suit every palate. There was ample time to see the sights during the cruise and I was able to point out all the major attractions that makes this harbour city what it is. We also took mandatory selfies with the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Fort Denison in the background.

This was simply perfect; we spent quality time together, caught up with each other, relived the past a little and enjoyed the best that Sydney had to offer on a cruising platter!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

And the Sydney Harbour lunch cruise grand prize goes to ticket number 341!

I am quite the raffle junkie – have been for a while. Have I won anything? No, never! But strangely, I don’t require incentives to feed this addiction. With an imaginary halo on my head, I’d like to believe that I buy raffle tickets not for the joy of winning but for the cause that drives it, which will probably be raising money for a charitable cause. But, I must admit that I do get a kick out of going through the prize list, and sub-consciously, some non-descript corner of my mind imagines me winning something!

Every now and then, our church conducts a lucky raffle draw that offers a variety of prizes right from a little ceramic teapot to the grand prize.This time the grand prize was an exclusive lunch cruise on Sydney Harbour. It’s not unusual to see the little minions of the congregation walking about with a bunch of raffle tickets trying to feebly convince anyone with a wallet to buy as many as they can. But it’s uncanny how these young children understand human behaviour enough to market the Sydney Harbour lunch cruise and not the cause behind the whole exercise!

My son is also a part of this brigade, and with his kiddish charm, manages to sell a few tickets every year and the rest is left for me to buy. It’s a sort of an unwritten agreement between us and I think the same happens in many families across the globe. It’s always ‘super dad’ to the rescue with his ‘not-so-super wallet’; but I know how much it means to my son, so I indulge him, in light of the greater good!

Like all other raffles,I forgot about this one in no time and the ticket stubswere relegated to some corner of my draw. On returning home from work one day, barely had I parked the car when I saw my son bursting through the front door ripe with excitement! The last time I had this sort of a welcome from the little nipper was when he knew I was coming home with a puppy.

The flurry of excitement was all to give me the big news – I had won the grand prize in the church raffle – the enviable lunch cruise on Sydney Harbour. True to tradition, I had no recollection of buying an insane amount of raffle tickets a month ago; but the grand prize of the Sydney Harbour lunch cruise jogged my memory. I recalled reading it in the prize list and figured the church had decided to splurge on the prizes this time to attract more attention and help the sales of the tickets.

So there you go, I finally won a prize at a raffle and it is definitely sweeter when you least expect it! We had a good time, the wife and me on the lunch cruisetaking in the Sydney Harbour sights and enjoying a premium dining experience on a really fancy glass boat. This particular Sydney Harbour lunch cruise didn’t allow children on board, so our boy couldn’t come along. But I think he was happier spending the day with his grandparents running about the yard than being cooped up on a boat, which is probably a more grownup way of having fun.

Now that the raffle junkie in me has been temporarily satiated, I think I will try my hand at the lotteries – who knows what my odds are!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

A Lunch Cruise in Sydney that Worked Wonders

Take care of the little things and the big things shall fall in place’, is one of my favourite sayings. We always try to tackle the biggest problem first. But if you think about it, tackling the smaller issue of lesser significance, might solve or lessen the intensity of the problem that seems to loom larger than life. We stress ourselves for no reason at all. Life is full of surprises, some pleasant, unpleasant – it all depends on how we react. The key is to take whatever life throws at us in our stride and keep our chin up through the difficult times, and learn to have fun during the happy days!

My father is a vibrant personality, always up to something and can’t keep still for a minute. Even in his sixties, he still has a spring to his step, a confidence that I have always enviously admired. He still takes chances and risks like a young guy, brushing off our admonishments to be careful.

Well lady luck might have left his side one afternoon when he had a nasty tumble down a short flight of stairs. After a quick trip to the emergency room, an x-ray revealed a small hairline fracture on his right leg. This demanded that the leg be put in a cast for it to heal well and to prevent any movement to the injured area. With his good health and strong bones, the doctor had no doubt that he would be back on his feet in no time, with a short spell of physiotherapy thrown in as well.

Even though we were concerned, secretly we were happy as he would now be a bit more cautious and take things easy for a few weeks. Unlike most people, sitting idle is something he absolutely cannot do. And for someone like this who hates to be dependent on others, the weeks before the cast was removed were miserable, to say the least!

It seemed like our prayers were answered when he started to take things easy after the cast was removed. Well too easy, infact;from the spring in his step, dad now shuffles about, a walking stick to boot. The doctors said his leg was as good as new, but it seems he doesn’t trust them anymore. Physiotherapy isn’t also doing the job. What he is lacking is that old confidence about him, something which medical science can’t deliver. I thought it was time for me to step in and do some damage control.

What dad actually needs is to regain the trusthe had in his physical well-being, his legs in particular!And, there’s nothing like small everyday challenges to help him slowly regain his confidence. Saturday is our day to spend time together and we usually end up having lunch some place. For a change, I booked ourselves a table on board a Sydney Harbour lunch cruise. Going on board a luxury vessel that cruises the calm waters of Sydney Harbour, strolling the outer decks and taking in the harbour views should be a decent challenge for anyone, right?
Dad was mildly surprised by the choice of venue, a lunch cruise, but seeing the Sydney sights never gets old, so he shrugged and went along with the plan. Besides, he had his trusty walking stick with him in the back of the car, for tackling the obstacles on the boat. But little did he know that I had conveniently forgotten it back home!

When we reached, he was a bit apprehensive about getting on the vessel, but with warm encouragement and assistance from the crew, he was on board in no time. There was an option of going up to the wheelhouse to meet the Captain, and dad surprisingly didn’t mind climbing a flight of stairs to do so. Holding my hand, he made the climb up and had a good time talking to the Captain seeing how things worked.

After a few minutes of chatting we bid goodbye, thanking him for his hospitality. And in the excitement, dad forgot to hold my hand and walked down the stairs talking enthusiastically about the instruments in the wheelhouse, forgetting everything about his leg! When we reached the end of the stairs, I reminded him of what he had just done, and dad smiled. He strolled the outer decks, with a tad bit more confidence, took in the fresh air and the picturesque Sydney Harbour sights. When the lunch cruise was over and the vessel returned to the wharf, he politely refused assistance from a crew member who offered to take his hand. He said he had reacquainted himself with his legs!

Needless to say, dad got back the spring in his step and was back to his old self. To think all it took was a little bit of courage and a lunch cruise around Sydney Harbour! So there you have it, sometimes it is the little things that need taking care off and the big things will just fall into place!

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The Magistic Buffet Lunch Cruise – A Class Apart!

Is the Sydney Harbour waterfront just another waterfront and the Magistic Cruises buffet lunch just another lunch? Definitely not! And, there’s only one way to find out… Indulge yourself and experience the difference between a regular buffet lunch in Sydney and the Magistic Sydney Harbour lunch cruise!

Cruising around the picturesque Sydney Harbour is always a delight, but Magistic Cruises elevates the Sydney Harbour lunch cruise experience, setting an all new standard in luxury and hospitality. Lunch cruises in Sydney may be dime a dozen, but there is absolutely no scope for mediocrity when it comes to the Magistic – be it service, ambience, dining or the cruising experience as a whole!
These Australian-built luxury catamarans are sleek in design with stylish and contemporary interiors that hold great visual appeal. What’s more… the ambient luxury is warm and inviting, luring guests into a world that promises a kind of relaxation that is far removed from reality.
And, the buffet lunch aboard the Magistic… it’s an experience in itself! You’ll definitely be spoilt for choice with the wide variety of hot and cold dishes created to excite both the sober and adventurous palate – comparable to any buffet lunch at a quality Sydney restaurant. And, without a doubt, the delicious food speaks volumes about the experience of the chefs on board, their creativity and penchant for fresh produce!
On your Magistic lunch cruise in Sydney, you could dine in air-conditioned comfort in the spacious dining saloon, lined with panoramic windows that boast fantastic views of the harbour. The buffet, being open for 90 minutes, gives you ample time to take intermittent strolls along the expansive outer decks, taking in the gorgeous sights before coming back to replenish your plate. Alternatively, you could choose to dine alfresco on the foredeck of the catamaran, experiencing the great sun-kissed outdoors and the soft caress of the gentle afternoon breeze.
And, whether you’re a tourist visiting Sydney for the first time or a local who knows the sights and sounds all too well, you simply can’t get enough of Sydney Harbour! The Magistic Sydney Harbour lunch cruise is a one-stop shop to experience the best of Sydney in all its diversity!
Besides, there’s nothing to beat the expansive decks of the Magistic for the best viewing gallery on the harbour! To serenely cruise past the magnificent Opera House, the majestic Harbour Bridge, the vibrant Luna Park, the historic Fort Denison and all the picturesque bays that dot the harbour is an awe-inspiring experience to say the least! All your senses work in unison to marvel at the gorgeous sights that pass you by, and no doubt, you’ll experience moments of serene contemplation and admiration that you’ll remember for a lifetime!

So, don’t let this spectacular lunch cruise in Sydney pass you by! Magistic Cruises will not disappoint!
For a more comprehensive guide to Magistic Cruises and its products and more details about Magistic Lunch

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Sydney Summer Fun at the Beach & Harbour

There’s no time like summer time in Sydney… it’s that time of the year when the water gets warmer and the drinks get colder, the music gets louder and the nights get longer…All in all, life in Sydney generally gets better!
So, shake off those winter blues and welcome summer with open arms. How can you not, when you’re looking at days at the beach, picnics in the park, pub-hopping in the city and barbecues in your backyard! 
It’s the best time to reacquaint yourself with the beach and probably learn a water sport. Bondi and Manly are the big guns that attract thousands of tourists as well as locals. The sun-kissed beaches of Coogee, Maroubra and Dee come a close second, and are just as beautiful. Some beaches cater to crowds offering top-notch eateries and facilities, while others are more casual, encouraging the ‘Bring Your Own’ food and beverage experience. The choice is yours to make!
So, swap your shoes for flip flops and head to the beach where the water does the talking. If you’re that budding surfer who has always wanted to ride the waves at Bondi – this is your time. You may not be able to stop the waves but you can sure learn to ride them with a paddleboard or a surfboard!
And, for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, Sydney may not have any pristine reefs, but its underwater experience has a different kind of adventure waiting to unfold before you.
White water rafting enthusiasts should head out to the Penrith Whitewater Stadium, a remnant of Sydney’s Olympics legacy. With no shortage of challenging waterways to explore, this is an absolutely brilliant summer experience for canoers and kayakers! 
But, just a word of caution. It’s a great feeling to be out and about with minimum clothing, but the Australian sun can be terribly brutal. If you do forget to coat yourself with sunscreen, you’re asking for trouble. But, don’t let that keep you from the beach or the water, prepare yourself and use appropriate sunscreen… after all tans may fade but your summer memories will live on!
Another great option for a beautiful summery day in Sydney will be to head to the harbour with family or a group of friends. You could choose to go on an economical ferry ride around the harbour and the northern beaches. But, if you can stretch your wallet a tad bit, you could go on an unforgettable Lunch cruise in Sydney that simply is no comparison to the ferry ride.
With the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair, your Sydney Harbour lunch cruise along the world’s most beautiful harbour treats you to an extravagant dining experience as well. Most of the Sydney Harbour cruises have air-conditioned dining interiors with panoramic windows and dish out sumptuous multi-cuisine buffets freshly prepared on board. Seated at individual reserved tables, you are guaranteed service that is beyond outstanding.
The expansive foredeck and outer decks of your harbour cruise Sydney are considered to be the best viewing galleries in the harbour. Experience the imposing majesty of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge and enjoy picturesque views of Luna Park, Taronga Zoo, Fort Denison, tranquil bays and million dollar homes that line the waterfront. 
There’s so much to do in Sydney over summer and you have ample time to space out your experiences. But, in my books, nothing portrays summer in Sydney better than water and all associated activities, be it at the beach or Sydney Harbour. So get wet and wild at the beach, enjoy the thrill of water sports and hit the harbour for an unforgettable lunch cruise experience this summer!

Sydney Harbour Lunch Cruises & Waterfront Dining

Sydney is a veritable melting pot of arts and culture, whereas Sydney Harbour is home to a multitude of leisure and luxury dining experiences.
Dotted with restaurants, bars and bistros, the ‘foodie’ is definitely spoilt for choice in this city. And, the charm of the waterfront is certainly not overrated. Be it the harbour, marina, bay, or beach, you’ll find the best restaurants at the choicest waterfront locations, serving amazing food to complement the amazing views!
As spectacular as these restaurants may be, Sydney Harbour Lunch Cruises have changed the face of waterfront dining, lending a whole new dimension to dining by the water. These harbour lunch cruises give the new generation diner a comprehensive cruising experience on Sydney Harbour and the opportunity to capture the essence of Sydney with their ears, eyes and palate! This novel concept has really given other restaurants in Sydney a run for their money.
Let’s look at a few interesting waterfront lunch options…
Sydney Harbour Lunch Cruises
With multiple lunch cruise operators on the harbour, choosing one is going to be a tough decision. What you must do is make an informed decision based on the packages and inclusions of each cruise.
Besides a buffet or a seated and served lunch, some cruises offer unique sightseeing experiences as well. Some take you out of Sydney Heads for a personal experience with the migrating humpback whales, some treat you to an amazing coastal adventure with visits to historical sites, some offer live music entertainment and others give you a brilliant sightseeing experience with all the frills of a luxury lunch cruise!
Lunches are always freshly prepared and the buffet spreads offer an array of dishes that will tantalize your taste buds with bold and innovative flavours. With a stellar menu that boasts dishes made from the freshest of produce, including seafood and carvery, and a wine list that is as diverse and delicious, Sydney Harbour lunch cruises promise a beautiful restaurant-quality dining experience.
The progressive approach to food, the ambient luxury of the cruising vessels and breathtaking Sydney Harbour sights, all add to the mystique and charm of these lunch cruises.
Lunch at Darling Harbour
There’s no place like Darling Harbour for a magical harbourside lunch experience. With a range of bars and restaurants just walking distance from each other, you have a variety of cuisine to choose from.
Go to Nick’s Seafood Restaurant for the freshest prawns and oysters, Kobe Jones for a brilliant fusion of Japanese and Californian flavours or The Malaya and Dragon Boat for authentic food from the Orient. The more exclusive restaurants are Black by Ezard, Sokyo and Momofuku Seibo.
Most of the popular bars are family-friendly during the day, so lunch out at Bungalow 8, Cargo Bar and the Watershed Hotel will be an interesting experience as well.
Lunch at Bondi Beach
Bondi evokes a sense of all things sunny and summery, and lunch at any restaurant along this golden stretch is an experience in itself. 
At North Bondi Fish, you’ll find noted chef Matt Moran working his magic with beer‐battered fish and chips, swordfish skewers with soy and mustard and prawn tacos.

While at the southern end, sits one of Bondi’s best Italian restaurants – the Icebergs Dining Room and Bar. Here’s where you can enjoy the best fried school prawns and aioli, spaghetti with crab and black garlic or relax with a cocktail and shucked oysters!
And, in between the north and the south ends of Bondi, lie numerous cafes, bistros and restaurants with interesting menus and picture-perfect views that are just there for the taking!

These options have just skimmed the surface of the lunch experiences Sydney has to offer. But, one thing is for sure, you’d never have to settle for an average dining experience in Sydney!